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Ireland Trip-tips

  • CLIMATE: Our climate is mild but sometimes unpredictable. It is possible to have three seasons in one day. The weather forecasting is good today but sometimes we get surprise conditions like showers and unscheduled hail storms. It is always wise to carry a rain-proof coat with a warm lining (like fleece in winter). A small fold-up umbrella is also a very useful thing to have. Recent summers have been warmer than usual with regular temperatures of 30 degrees +. But recent winters have given us unusually low temperatures and weeks of snow. These extremes are the exception rather than the rule.
  • WHEN TO VISIT: Best weather is in July & August. September & October are also very pleasant with the beauty of changing leaves and the bright autumnal colours. In mid summer the daylight is long (4.30am till 10.30pm) and in mid winter the daylight is short (8.45am till 4.30pm).
  • BANKING AND CURRENCY: Ireland's currency is the EURO and in Northern Ireland the sterling pound (stg£) is used, but they also accept EURO notes in cash in Northern Ireland. There are ATM's everywhere and you can use your Laser, Maestro, VISA, AMEX and all major credit and debit cards in hotels, restaurants, shops, pubs, fuel stations, supermarkets etc. In both the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.
  • TOILETS / BATHROOMS / RESTROOMS: There are many public toilet facilities all over Ireland. In towns and cities the pubs (short for PUBLIC HOUSE) all have Ladies and Gentlemen's toilets and there is a bye-law which states the public can use them even if they do not buy a drink or food. This also applies to our hotels.
  • EMERGENCIES: In the event of a health emergency or accident please call the Emergency Services (Garda/Police, Ambulance Service or Fire Brigade) by phoning either:

    999 OR 112 No prefix required.
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